UPDATED INSURANCE LIST : (Note: NO Obamacare plans accepted) 

(it is advisable to double check with my biller (# below) if I am on your specific plan in light of all the chaos in the medical system due to the unconstitutional government take-over)

For any BILLING and INSURANCE questions please call; Formativ Health (previously ABS, Inc.)

 @ 1.800.359.9525 M-F 9:00-4:30


AFMC: PPO, Work Comp,

BCBS: PPO, HMO, TPP, FED, Work Comp  (but BCBS Medicare Advantage may not be - call biller # below)


HEALTHNET AZ: PPO, HMO, Medicare Advantage,

MEDICARE: All standard plans and most secondaries  (but BCBS Medicare Advantage may not be - call biller # below)

TRICARE: PRIME/EXTRA ( managed by UHC - as UHC Military & Veterans :  http://www.tricare.mil/westtransition )

UNITED HEALTHCARE: Options, Non-options, Medicare, W500



PRESENTLY reviewing Health Care Sharing Ministries, such as Liberty HealthShare for consideration for contracting


NOTE: Policy on Workmans Comp - payment is due at time of service.


"Third-party free" / "cash pay" (Cash, Check or Digital Currency) - also accepted and provides much added privacy and control of your own health care

(if your insurance "allows it" - Medicare does not).

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Office Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. 9:00 am to 4:00 pm only

Closed Weekends and Holidays - including Federal Holidays. 


 We are in the San Rafael Medical Center across from St. Joes. 


The first step in preparing for your visit to my office is to make the appointment.

NOTE: if you have an HMO please obtain a referral from you primary MD, or scheduling may be delayed

if pre-authorization must be obtained before the visit.

Follow this link to make your appointment -> LINK TO APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING ONLINE.

PLEASE NOTE: do NOT choose a "Follow-Up" time slot for a NEW Patient / "Initial Visit - Consultation". (longer)

Or your request will be rejected.

If you don't have internet access you won't be reading this, and you'll just call and leave a message.

Otherwise if you are online;

Next download the forms below and PRINT THEM OUT and fill them out at home, to bring with you to the initial visit to save yourself time - otherwise you'll need to come in earlier - 30 minutes would be a safe estimate -( but if you're the first appt of the day then this is not possible. You will need to fill them out before you come to the appt.) 

Note that if you are more than 15 minutes late and it's a busy day - you may need to reschedule the appointment. I try to run on time, and so please help me to do so.

A 24 hour cancellation is required or the no-show policy will be enacted. And if there are repeat no-shows we may not be able to continue to see you.


IMPORTANT: PLEASE collect and BRING WITH YOU to the appointment any imaging studies: MRI's and CT's and Xray reports, and any electrophysiolgic study reports: EMG/NCV, EEG, and any recent labs or other pertinent studies and records. Otherwise there may be delays in diagnostics and unnecessary repetition of work-up.


Also, for COPAYS - PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT take credit cards - as such - so please bring CASH, or CHECK, or you can now use DIGITAL CURRENCY, for those of you who would like to use a "credit card", you can link your card (HSA or debit) through a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase (follow hyperlink) - so this will allow you to essentially use your HSA or debit card for your copay. iv> <a class="donate-with-crypto" href="https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/1dfccc0f-745d-4baf-a0ba-4b5a8a1bbb42"> <span>Donate with


For any BILLING questions please call; Formativ Health @ 1.800.359.9525 M-F 9:00-4:30

My mailing address - for "snail mail" communications;

Peter R. Bodnar, M.D., PLLC

General Neurology

6544 E. Carondelet Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85710

Tel (520) 333-7723, Fax (520) 333-3113


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