April 6, 2021

Stop Vaccine Passport Mandates in Arizona

Dear AAPS Members and Friends in Arizona,

AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend and Representative Bret Roberts introduced a strike-everything amendment to HB 2190. Her good amendment would protect Arizonans from being subjected to COVID vaccine passports. 

Please send your Arizona State legislators a note asking them to support this important legislation. Stop government bureaucrats and big tech from trampling your rights.

You can get your message on the way to your Arizona legislators in a few short steps at the following link: https://p2a.co/argesw4

Thank you for speaking out! ~AAPS.



COVID-19: Will the National Mask Mandate Save Us?


Does the national mask mandate make you feel safe?

Candidate Joe Biden’s promised plan to control the COVID-19 pandemic featured everybody wearing a mask for 100 days. Former CDC director Robert Redfield said it might take only 4, 6, or 8 weeks (up to 56 days), and later up to 12 weeks (84 days). Now we not only have an Executive Order for mask wearing on federal property and for federal employees and contractors, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared it a federal crime not to wear a mask on public transport or in transportation hubs.

There was no Constitutional amendment or law passed by Congress to create this new crime.

Past mask mandates have not stopped the pandemic (see graphic). A CDC study of mask mandates in 10 states claimed that mandates might help, citing a 5.5% decline in the growth rate of hospitalizations. However, they stopped the study in October, just before a huge increase in cases began in those states.

Why aren’t the mandates working? Are the masks inadequate—and should we require double or triple masks? Did people take too many breaths with masks removed to eat or drink? Were people using them improperly? Was it the fault of an unmasked baby or scofflaw? Would aggressive, even violent arrest of the unmasked help?

Mandates tend to get extended or reinstated. What happens in 100 days? Will everyone have to mask up every time the case count crosses an arbitrary threshold? COVID-19 will probably never disappear, and new viruses will emerge.

What if you get a COVID vaccine? There are no exemptions for vaccinated persons. Anthony Fauci said masking and social distancing would continue, probably into 2022. Pfizer chairman Albert Bourla and World Health Organization (WHO) chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan say there is no evidence that the vaccines prevent contagion, only that they reduce symptoms if you get infected.

So, are we forever locked into a state of fear and loss of civil liberties? Or will natural immunity, sensible precautions, and early treatment bring this chapter to a close? Consider:

For further information, see:

COVID-19 Cases in States with a Mask Mandate https://twitter.com/covid_clarity/status/1358953037642027013?s=20


The New Population Control: Fear and Isolation


By Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD

Planet of the Humans, a Michael Moore vehicle, came and went with little fanfare. Perhaps it was the message that our feeble attempts at halting climate change were just that: feeble and useless. Solar panels, wind turbines, electric cars and the like were criticized as mere “band-aids” and corporate moneymakers that leave a larger human footprint on Gaia. In truth, the sole savior of the Earth is controlling the root of energy consumption: our population.

Mother Earth aside, Margaret Sanger and her eugenicist friends tried to control population by cruel design in the early 1900s. She opposed philanthropy as it perpetuated “human waste.” To achieve world peace, Sanger proposed that “the whole dysgenic population [including epileptics, feeble-minded, prostitutes] would have its choice of segregation or sterilization.”

Government-sponsored forced sterilizations became too much for civilized society to bear and ceased in 1981. Margaret Sanger’s legacy soldiers on, conducting “God’s work” at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics disproportionately located in minority neighborhoods. Taking it up a notch, pediatrician Governor Ralph Northam (D-Va.), who while in medical school wore either black face or a KKK hood—he doesn’t remember which—grotesquely believes it’s OK to kill babies who are born alive.

The new standard bearer for the current brand of population control is fear. Dressed as the Angel of Death, he appears on CNN as an ever-present sidebar flashing numbers of COVID-19 “cases,” rarely making the distinction between those who are ill and those who simply had a positive test for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

We are never told that 81 percent of cases are mild. Nor are we told that well over 99 percent of Americans have recovered. We were never told that the military ships dispatched to accept patients served a handful of patients. We were not told that the death statistics include people with “presumed” COVID-19 or who died of other causes but coincidentally had a positive test. Never are we told that sadly 42 percent of American deaths were nursing home residents who make up only 0.6 percent of our population. Nor are we told that 90 percent of hospitalized patients have underlying health conditions and 80 percent of deaths are in those over 65 years. Most importantly, we are not told that deaths and hospitalizations are decreasing.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to undermine our rays of hope, politicians are rewriting history. The woman who plans to be President irresponsibly asserted that Obama-Biden deftly handled the “Ebola pandemic.” Pandemic? Unlike the highly contagious COVID-19, Ebola virus disease was an outbreak centered in West Africa caused by a virus that was only spread through exchange of bodily fluids. The U.S. had 11 Ebola cases, 9 of whom were evacuees from, or contracted Ebola in other countries. The 2 people who contracted Ebola in the U.S. were the Ebola patients’ nurses—both of whom recovered. And at the time, infection control experts criticized the “lax” federal Ebola guidelines.

The misery campaign worked. In a few short months we have gone from level-headed folks dealing with the vagaries of life to house arrestees acquiescing to ever-changing restrictions, privacy intrusions, and punishments for noncompliance. Isolation has consequences. Verifiable domestic violence has doubled. Forty-one percent of thousands of adults surveyed by the CDC in June 2020 reported an “adverse mental or behavioral health condition,” including 10.7 percent seriously considering suicide. One study predicted 34,000 U.S. cancer deaths due to delayed diagnosis. Unscientific lockdowns are on pace to kill more people than the Devil’s spawn, COVID-19.

The suggestion that we accept this stygian existence until a vaccine is available is magical thinking. Recently, genomic researchers reported 73 variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Variants and mutations could present a challenge for developing an effective vaccine.

Viruses will always be part of our environment. Exploring all possible treatment options, including building our general immunity, is crucial to saving lives. Hydroxychloroquine is one such option that is effective in many patients if given early. Yet the pot-smoking President wannabe labelled our teetotaling President a “drug pusher” for speaking positively about hydroxychloroquine. And the infectious disease expert and cardiologist Bill Gates claims its side effects are severe. The President is in good company with Yale Professor Harvey Risch, MD, physician researchers, and well-respected clinicians regarding hydroxychloroquine’s overall and cardiac safety.

Our scientists and physicians are working hard to preserve our population. If we are allowed out of our cocoons, enough people might develop permanent population (“herd”) immunity to SARS-CoV-2 and the transmission of the virus could burn out.

Fear and agenda-driven political manipulation are drowning out the facts. We may look back and find that the media-political complex is the prime method of population control.

As Malcom X said, “you been misled. You been had. You been took.”

Bio: Dr. Singleton is a board-certified anesthesiologist. She is Immediate Past President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). She graduated from Stanford and earned her MD at UCSF Medical School.  Dr. Singleton completed 2 years of Surgery residency at UCSF, then her Anesthesia residency at Harvard’s Beth Israel Hospital. While still working in the operating room, she attended UC Berkeley Law School, focusing on constitutional law and administrative law.  She interned at the National Health Law Project and practiced insurance and health law. She teaches classes in the recognition of elder abuse and constitutional law for non-lawyers.


Will your doctor treat you for COVID?

Today's media advisory, sent from AAPS to reporters writing about COVID-19:

If you get COVID-19, you don’t want to be admitted to hospital. The death rate for patients sick enough to be admitted is quite high. And you will probably be a prisoner with no visits from family, clergy, or the doctor of your choice.

Unfortunately, many doctors will provide nothing besides an order to get a test, and advice on when to go to the emergency room. They are told by their employer or their medical society or public health officials that there is nothing they can do.

But actually home therapy could prevent thousands of hospitalizations and deaths, according to a just-published article from the respected American Journal of Medicine. Lead author Peter McCullough, M.D., a cardiologist at Baylor, is one of the most widely published physicians in America.

Young healthy patients will probably do fine with watchful waiting and self-quarantine. But according to these physicians, patients over age 50 or who have other risk factors or worsening symptoms should get immediate treatment with zinc and antivirals.

The protocol by Dr. McCullough and colleagues lists hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with azithromycin or doxycycline, or favipiravir, which is available in Japan, as antiviral drugs. For respiratory symptoms it suggests prednisone and/or colchicine, and for suspected clotting, aspirin and/or blood thinners.

It suggests prevention of self re-inoculation with viruses in the breath by providing fresh air: open windows, fans, or spending time outdoors without face coverings, away from others.

Other physicians report success with ivermectin, an antiparasitic agent used for scabies or head lice, or inhaled budesonide (Pulmicort™) together with zinc and clarithromycin.

Definitive randomized controlled trials are not yet available, but Dr. McCullough and colleagues “emphasize the immediate need for management guidance.”

To counter the official word from the American Medical Association and others—no home treatment, just wait for the promised vaccine—patients need to call their doctors. Ask whether they are willing to read the McCullough paper or other studies about out-patient treatment with HCQ, and willing to prescribe for you if you get sick.

 It is important for patients to have a trusted physician who shares their views.

Read Online: https://aapsonline.org/will-your-doctor-treat-you-for-covid/

Related Op-ed: Death Toll Mounts With FDA Denial Of HCQ For Outpatient COVID Therapy, by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. - https://aapsonline.org/death-toll-mounts-with-fda-denial-of-hcq-for-outpatient-covid-therapy/


Marilyn Singleton, Op-eds, What's New

COVID-19 and the Universal Health Scare


By Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD

Politicians are a strange lot. Not content with merely being Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is moonlighting as Surgeon General, opining on what medications the President should be taking. Service to the public is a distant memory. The new charge is to invent catchy phrases, like the “new normal,” to quietly coax us into obeying dictates, while ignoring facts and science.

It is not normal to base lifting the lockdowns on the trend in positive novel coronavirus (aka SARS-CoV-2) tests. Predictably, positive tests (with many folks never becoming symptomatic) will continue to increase as more tests are done. Given that the stated goal of lockdowns was to lessen the strain on hospital resources, using hospitalization trends makes more sense.

It is not normal for New York and Minnesota governors to insist that COVID-19 patients be admitted to nursing homes, even after it became clear that nursing homes were a hotspot for infections and up to 81% of COVID-19 deaths.

It is not normal for healthy people to walk around wearing masks—particularly when it is not recommended by the sainted World Health Organization.

It is not normal to never see your parents, children, or grandparents. Older folks suffer from loneliness in the best of times.

It is not normal for children to stay home from school indefinitely. When children do go back to school, it is not normal to tell them they have to wear masks and might not be able to play or eat with one another. Meanwhile, the CDC’s latest report tells us that the infection fatality rate for those aged 0-49 years is 0.05%. The CDC’s latest numbers are what Stanford researchers predicted in April.

It is not normal to have cellphone apps that track your movements. I suppose helicopter parents and stalkers would make good use of them.

It is not normal to propose “immunity passes” enabling the holders to move about society unimpeded. Immunity passes make no scientific sense given that the serology tests are unreliable, the length of immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is unknown, and invites social stigmatization.

The real “new normal” is politicians being blatant with their old games. It is normal for California’s Governor Newsom to make a secret $1 billion deal with BYD, a Chinese-based electric bus maker, to manufacture N95 masks at $3.30 a piece. Kudos to his fellow Democrat legislators for seeking transparency about his pandemic spending spree. To his credit, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti purchased 24 million “Made in America” masks from Honeywell at 79 cents a mask.

COVID-19 is a handy justification for Congress to promote a political ideology rather than propose targeted measures to assist those struggling with the consequences of the virus. The HEROES Act, the fourth stimulus bill, presents a path to universal basic income by paying some workers more to stay home than they would receive by returning to work. The CARES Act suspended student loan payments, but the HEROES Act paves the way for free college tuition for all by forgiving up to $10,000 of student loans for every borrower.

Moreover, the HEROES Act contains a multitude of other agenda-driven programs like access to financial services and the marketplace for minority-owned cannabis-related businesses, diversity in banking, a Post Office bail-out, $50 million to the Environmental Protection Agency for environmental justice grants, economic impact payments to illegal immigrants, permanent voting by mail, and the clearly relevant requirement that the President inform Congress of the reasons for not filling a vacancy for an Inspector General position.

The proposed Medicare Crisis Program Act of 2020 would provide health insurance for those who lost their health insurance due to the COVID-19 lockdown and its consequences. We want to help those who lost their jobs, but why use a newly-minted premium-free Medicare program as the vehicle? Is it to get people accustomed to Medicare covering all age groups?

The CONTACT initiative requires the CDC to work with states to implement a national system for testing, contact tracing, surveillance, containment and mitigation of COVID-19. (Have we done this for the infectious and deadly flu?). The CDC regulations, instruct authorities to use the “least restrictive means” in implementing public health measures. However, “when an individual is identified as a threat to the health and welfare of others, such as refusing medical treatment at a healthcare facility and refusing to self-quarantine, the government may take the individual into custody.”

The government has been known to abuse its power—whether through cultivating fear, regulatory force, or by individual miscreants. Frederick Douglass warned, “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.” We cannot let a declaration of a public health emergency become the new gauge of what it takes to break our spirit of liberty.

=======================================AROUND THE WORLD MASK POLICY============================================================

Feng, Shuo et al. “Rational use of face masks in the COVID-19 pandemic.” The Lancet. Respiratory medicine vol. 8,5 (2020): 434-436. doi:10.1016/S2213-2600(20)30134-X


Recommendations on face mask use in community settings


• If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected SARS-CoV-2 infection.

China 2

• People at moderate risk* of infection: surgical or disposable mask for medical use.

• People at low risk of infection: disposable mask for medical use.

• People at very low risk of infection: do not have to wear a mask or can wear non-medical mask (such as cloth mask).

Hong Kong 3

• Surgical masks can prevent transmission of respiratory viruses

from people who are ill. It is essential for people who are symptomatic (even if they have mild symptoms) to wear a surgical mask.

• Wear a surgical mask when taking public transport or staying in crowded places. It is important to wear a mask properly and practice good hand hygiene before wearing and after removing a mask.

Singapore 4

• Wear a mask if you have respiratory symptoms, such as a cough or runny nose.

Japan 5

• The effectiveness of wearing a face mask to protect yourself from contracting viruses is thought to be limited. If you wear a face mask in confined, badly ventilated spaces, it might help avoid catching droplets emitted from others but if you are in an open-air environment, the use of face mask is not very efficient.

USA (CDC has changed it's policy since this article was published apparently - I wonder why? (politics) - the research is still very weak)

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not recommend that people who are well wear a face mask (including respirators) to protect themselves from respiratory

diseases, including COVID-19.

• US Surgeon General urged people on Twitter to stop buying face masks.

UK 7

• Face masks play a very important role in places such as hospitals, but there is very little evidence of widespread benefit for members of the public.

Germany 8

• There is not enough evidence to prove that wearing a surgical mask significantly reduces a healthy person's risk of becoming infected while wearing it. According to WHO, wearing a mask in situations where it is not recommended to do so can create a false sense of security because it might lead to neglecting fundamental hygiene measures, such as proper hand hygiene.


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